About Kuhluka

Kuhluka Movement is a non-profit civil society mass organisation, directed at combating the violation of rights of women. Founded on the principals of advocacy and mitigation, Kuhluka bridges the gap between giving a voice to women survivors through rehabilitation, whilst providing them with a safe haven in their time of need.

About Our Founder

Following a horrific domestic violence experience that left Ms Machel blind on one eye, in 2015 Ms Machel launch Kuhluka Movement, a non-profit initiative that empowers women survivors of gender based and domestic abuse to find their voice and their feet to walk away from abusive relationships , and influence public policy to create a supportive environment to stop this type of violence.

A society that perceives and treats women and girls as equals living to their full potential, free from gender and cultural oppression, where girls and women are valued, respected and positively affirmed.


To create an international and intergenerational movement that is mobilised to challenge and transform culturally  entrenched gender norms and practices harmful to our existence into forces that are conducive to the nurturing of dignified lives.


Kuhluka seeks to address women rights issues such as gender-based violence issues through interrogating, deciphering and understanding our cultural practices while advocating and harnessing the original positive beliefs and customs that will on one hand eliminate GBV against women, and on the other hand provide a safe and protective environment for the healing of survivors of violence.

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