Advocacy Naked Conversations

Kuhluka Movement’s Naked Conversations serves as a unifying platform for a collective dialogue effort over time, focused on issues that are deemed as sensitive, difficult, and taboo.

It is a platform to showcase and build intergenerational and multi-sectorial engagements across Africa, so that every institution, every organisation, and individual can play a part in building caring communities free of Gender-Based Violence (GBV).

The Kuhluka Movement advocacy team is working in Limpopo at the Mathebula Tribal Council with Custodians of Culture to have open conversations to unearth society’s most ferocious secrets in a way that moves us forward in eliminating gender-based violence.

Mobilize Combat Regenerate

Kuhluka Movement | Director and Founder Josina Machel explains what Kuhluka is all about and the meaning behind the name KUHLUKA

Dr Mashadi Motlana on mental health and GBV

Circles of Support

Kuhluka Movement understands the deep, emotional, psychological, and socio-economic impact domestic violence has on survivors of gender-based violence (GBV). Through the Circles of Support, specialized counselling, legal and health services are provided to victims and survivors of GBV to help restore their sense of self, regenerate and enable them to live to their full potential.

This programme which is currently being implemented in Gauteng and Mpumalanga, South Africa, and Maputo in Mozambique, seeks to provide abused women with safe spaces for sharing, self-expression, support, and healing.

Our Circles of Support are growing. Another group of ladies successfully trained to be Pillars of support for victims and survivors of GBV in Tzaneen, Limpopo.
The Circles of Support provides victims and survivors of GBV with safe spaces for sharing, self-expression, support and healing.

After abuse, women need safe spaces where they can learn to deal with triggers and traumas, safely plan their actions, receive counselling and information on various options and be part of a supportive social network.

The Dignity Pack

In a world where hundreds of women are abused on a daily basis, Kuhluka Movement chose to create a Dignity Pack comprised of basic essentials such as hygiene and sanitary items to be distributed in police stations and medical facilities immediately after a woman experiences a violent event.

Statistics have demonstrated that many a times in horrific numbers, survivors arrive at the Police stations or at medical facilities without their basic belongings, being bags, shoes, their clothes are torn etc.

The dignity packs ensure that at the time a survivor of violence is attended to, she immediately is given these essential items that respond to her needs, give a sense of security, access to initial information and restore her dignity.


  • One Dignity Pack is valued at R600, with the production of the box, procuring and assembling of items and distribution
  • Contributes towards a more humanised assistance to survivors of violence.
  • Helps the survivor to recover her physical and psychological dignity.
  • Provide an entry point for information on a range of services available for survivors.

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