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Dignity Packs

At the front lines of the fight

Statistics have demonstrated that many a times in horrific numbers, survivors arrive
at the Police stations or at medical facilities without their basic belongings, being
bags, shoes, their clothes are torn etc.

Kuhluka Movement understands the deep, emotional, psychological, and socio-economic impacts domestic violence has on survivors of gender-based violence (GBV). Through the Circles of Support, specialized counselling, legal and health services are provided to victims and survivors of GBV to help restore their sense of self, regenerate and enable them to live to their full potential.

Purpose of Circles Of Support
  • To support women in their community to ensure that they possess tools to prevent incidents of GBV.
  • Create awareness of the impact of GBV in the community.
  • To provide counselling.
  • Undertake mobilization activities to move the community to a caring society.
  • Support women who are victims and survivors of violence on their way to recovery.
  • Offer information and support in the process of seeking resolution and justice for survivors.
  • Hold social support systems accountable for their responsibility to the community.

Centres of Healing

Kuhluka Centres of Healing are shelters that are central to the regeneration process. They
are unique safe havens where women rebuild their lives, heal from their trauma, and bring
closure to their abusive situations.
Kuhluka’s centres are temporary safe havens that provide comprehensive range of services
aimed at healing and restoring the women holistically. These homes work in collaboration
with partners to ensure that during their stay at the shelter women have access to:
 Psychological counselling and therapy.
 Medical services.
 Police protection.
 Legal services.
 Childcare.
 24 – hour hotline support.
 Financial counselling in order to ensure social integration and skills development.

Advocacy Program

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Advocacy efforts promote inter-generational and multi-sectoral dialogues on the role of women and
men in the violence against women discourse, particularly from a cultural perspective.

Strengthen platforms...

for the multi sectorial coordination.

Develop an evidence-based...

and coordinated advocacy agenda for the groups that are influencers.

Galvanise the relationship...

between survivors, advocacy groups and the Judicial system to adopt Survivor-based rights approaches.

High level advocacy ...

and lobbying to ensure that legislation and legal processes protect women and bring perpetrators of GBV to justice.

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