Kuhluka, A Rebirth after a fiery trial.

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Cultural & customary practice with custodians of culture that discriminate and harm lives, in order to enhance positive aspects that work toward gender equality & social protection, & nurture effective solutions for men and woman.


The socialization process to prevent the domination of men, and the subordination & negative stereotyping of woman, which lead to vulnerability, exploitation & violence.


Within the African cultural context as well as progressive traditional education within customary & traditional rituals that embrace positive social behavior & sexuality

Kuhluka Movement is a non-profit civil society mass organisation, directed at combating the violation of rights of women. Founded on the principals of advocacy and mitigation, Kuhluka bridges the gap between giving a voice to women survivors through rehabilitation, whilst providing them with a safe haven in their time of need.

The Kuhluka Movement

The word Kuhluka means “rebirth” in Tchopi, a language of Vatsonga of the southern region of Mozambique. It is the process of repetitive and insistent rebirth of a plant that appears to have lost its life, but always finds ways to regenerate and thrive despite all circumstances.

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