Kuhluka, A Rebirth after a fiery trial.

Question & Investigate

Cultural & customary practice with custodians of culture that discriminate and harm lives, in order to enhance positive aspects that work toward gender equality & social protection, & nurture effective solutions for men and woman.


The socialization process to prevent the domination of men, and the subordination & negative stereotyping of woman, which lead to vulnerability, exploitation & violence.


Within the African cultural context as well as progressive traditional education within customary & traditional rituals that embrace positive social behavior & sexuality

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Graca Machel Trust,
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Run under the auspices of a board of trustees, which comprises of individuals experienced in a broad range of subjects relating to women right, culture, health and empowerment on the African continent.


Promote inter-generational and multi-sectoral dialogues on the role of woman and men in the violence against woman discourse, particularly from a cultural perspective.

Centres Of Healing

A range of temporary safety spaces for woman who are survivors of violence, which provide comprehensive support services.

The Kuhluka Movement

We seek to address women rights issues such as gender-based violence issues through interrogating, deciphering and understanding our cultural practices while advocating and harnessing the original positive beliefs and customs that will on one hand eliminate GBV against women, and on the other hand provide a safe and protective environment for the healing of survivors of violence

About Our Founder

Following a horrific domestic violence experience that left Ms Machel blind on one eye, in 2015 Ms Machel launch Kuhluka Movement, a non-profit initiative that empowers women survivors of gender based and domestic abuse to find their voice and their feet to walk away from abusive relationships , and influence public policy to create a supportive environment to stop this type of violence.

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